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Cheryl and Harvey, Madonna and Lana Del Rey Album - This Weeks Biggest Stories (Feb 3)

Plus: X Factor USA, One Direction, Katy Perry and much more...

By David Renshaw on Friday 3rd February 2012 Photo by

Cheryl Cole started this week as a sweet and innocent popstar working on her new album and somehow ended it having to deny that she was sleeping with a member of So Solid Crew.

Yes, it's a weird one we know but it's what happened after MC Harvey went nationwide with his claim that he and Cheryl were an item at some point following her divorce from Ashley Cole. Cheryl said he must be smoking something if he thinks that it's true and then threatened to sue the magazine. Harvey, who just happens to have a new single coming out next month, has been quiet ever since. How strange.

Meanwhile, the likes of Lana Del Rey, Tulisa, Simon Cowell, Chris Brown and One Direction have all had action packed weeks.

Take a look through the pictures above to see what they have been getting up to and catch up on all of this weeks gossip in one handy place!

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