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Pops Biggest Bromances!

Featuring Kirk and Frankie, Gary and Marcus, Bieber and Jaden and more!

By David Renshaw on Wednesday 1st February 2012 Photo by splash/ wenn

The bromance, it's a relatively new word but a concept as old as time. We're pretty sure the first bromance dates back to pre-historic times when one caveman high fived another after he started the very first fire.

Still, things have moved on since then and we couldn't help noticing that you're simply not doing things right in 2012 if you haven't got a little bro on bro action in your life.

Look at Gary Barlow and Marcus Collins up there, they love each other and have done ever since the X Factor last year. Marcus is about to release his debut album and has enlisted the help of his BFF to write songs and executive produce the album. We're guessing Gary's role as exec producer will be to come in, tell Marcus it all sounds great and compliment him on his hair.

So, join us now as we take a look through the top ten bromances in pop - just flick through the pictures above to check them all out!.

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