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The Top Ten Intelligent Stars In Pop

Who is the smartest of them all?

By Jenna Corderoy on Tuesday 2nd August 2011 Photo by Splash

When you're asked to name brainy people, you're correct in choosing, say, Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein

But have you ever considered celebrities such as Shakira or Coldplay's Chris Martin?  Alicia Keys or Mick Jagger?  Not only are they A-list celebrities, but they're also incredibly smart.  They went to the most prestigious universities, achieved first class degrees, and some even obtained PhDs.  They're the best examples of combining brains with can be so unfair at times.  

Nerds and geeks galore, who said it's not cool to be clever?  PopDash brings you the top ten brainiest people in the music industry. 

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