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PHOTOS: From Stage To Screen, 15 Singers Who Act

Some are good, others are really bad...

By T'kisha George on Thursday 20th January 2011

The world of fame is fickle with not one celebrity satisfied in staying in their field of media.

Geri Halliwell cropped up in Sex And The City, Rihanna had a spot in one of the Bring It On movies (as herself) and Lady Gaga was an extra on The Sopranos.

Justin Bieber's cameo in crime show CSI aired in Britain recently so we decided to take a look at some other singers/rappers who have tried their hand at acting.

Some performances have been brilliant, producing award wins and nominations. Others, quite frankly, stank and it's probably best that certain celebrities leave acting off their CVs.

Can you think of any other singers who have tested their acting skills?

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