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PHOTOS: Popstar Tattoos

A quick look at celeb body art...

By T'kisha George on Tuesday 18th January 2011

Tattoos - you either love them or you hate them and it seems that the pop elite love them (just ask Lil’ Wayne‘s face).

Although body art goes hand in hand with the hip-hop industry, the likes of Britney Spears and Lady Gaga also like to ink it up now and again.

Some are nice and discreet, just like Britney’s on her lower back (known as the tramp stamp in America). Others are blatantly obvious, such as rapper Gucci Mane’s (who featured on Usher’s Spotlight track) ice cream on his face.

Some opt for trendy star designs while the likes of Rihanna and Cheryl Cole have controversial stories about theirs.

Whatever the design, there’s nothing like a tattoo when feeling rebellious. 

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