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Katy Perry Gives John Mayer An 'Anti-Russell Brand' Makeover!


By Sophie Alexander on Wednesday 24th October 2012 Photo by

Katy Perry has reportedly given her boyfriend John Mayer an ‘anti-Russell Brand’ makeover.

The ‘California Girls’ singer and comedian Russell divorced back in January, and Katy is now dating the singer-songwriter John Mayer.

According to Heat magazine, the transformation of John from scruffy clothes and long hair to a more polished look is down to Katy.

An insider told the magazine: "Katy's had it with the grungy bohemian rock star look. She's over it. She's basically given John an anti-Russell makeover."

"She likes him to wear smarter clothes - ones that don't smell - and to cut his hair. She's looking for a cleaned-up version of her ex."

Katy and John’s relationship has been blowing hot and cold, but he celebrated her birthday with her last week and reportedly won over Katy’s friends.

The insider added: "Her friends and family are starting to realise that John is more like Katy than Russell ever was. They have a great connection and are always laughing. Plus, John's schedule isn't as busy as Russell's was, so he can be with Katy whenever she has a break from work."

Apparently the couple are becoming more serious with Katy "dreaming of them living together in New York."

Katy Perry Spotted Sneaking Out Of John Mayer's Apartment...

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