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Selena Gomez Upset By Girl Pal Who Broke Justin Bieber's Best Friend's Heart

Oh dear!

By Shanelle Hamilton on Tuesday 23rd October 2012 Photo by Ian Wilson/

According to sources, Selena Gomez is pretty upset with her girl pal, Ashley Benson, after she dumped Justin Bieber's best friend.

Selena was responsible for introuding Ashley to the Canadian singer's close friend, Ryan Good, and even went on a limb to get her a role in the movie Spring Breakers.

However, in a twist of events Benson jilted Ryan for her Spring Breaker co-star James Franco and sources have revealed Selena is feeling used.

"Selena feels used and kind of punched in the face seeing as though she got Ashley the role and Ashley just used the opportunity to break her friend's heart," the insider revealed to

The source told the gossip news site that Ashley practically begged Selena for the role - but it seems now her hidden agenda was to hook-up with handsome actor James.

"Selena is pi**ed off that she went out of her way to vouch for Ashley, only to have her dump Ryan. She got the role and she got the man, but she lost a good friend," the source added.

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