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X Factor's MK1 Singer Charlie Rundle Admits She's Bisexual

Has a girlfriend...

By Alicia Adejobi on Monday 22nd October 2012 Photo by Stuart Castle /

MK1 singer Charlotte Rundle has opened up about her sexuality revealing that she is bisexual and has been in a relationship with a woman for a year.

Charlotte along with the other half of the MK1 duo, Simeon Nixon, were booted off the competition during Sunday night's results show after competing in the bottom two against Kye Sones.

Along with her former fellow contestants Jade Ellis and Lucy Spraggan, Charlotte has now admitted that she too dates women.

"If I go out and guys come up to me they look really confused when I say I've got a girlfriend," Charlotte told The Sun.

"It's weird because all the girls think I'm a gay and all the guys think I'm straight. But I actually like boys and girls, so I get the best of both worlds." Charlotte, who has been dating a woman for the last year, explains how she realised she doesn't only fancy men.

"I went from having a boyfriend to a girlfriend and it was really funny," she continued.

"I was friends with this girl in my town and we used to hang out and then one day I started feeling a bit different and I thought, 'I like both'."

Charlotte also revealed that she doesn't fancy anyone on the show, male or female.

"But I'm not into any of the guys on the show. They're all a bit young for me," she added.

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