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Robbie Williams Reveals The Birth Scare Of Baby Teddy

Scary moment for the Williams family!

By Sophie Alexander on Friday 19th October 2012 Photo by

Robbie Williams has spoken about the labour scare when wife Ayda gave birth to baby Teddy.

Robbie described how there was a panic when his wife Ayda Field was giving birth. The 'Candy' singer told The Sun newspaper:

"I cut the cord, but bless her, I cut it while she was still inside Ayda.

"Teddy was going blue because the umbilibal cord was caught around her neck.

"I had to be quick with the scissors... It was like the first 30 minutes of Saving Private Ryan down there.

"It was like Ayda vs Predator. She'd say the same thing. It's an image that won't go away"

Robbie also revealed that whilst mum-to-be Ayda was suffering and going through the pain of contractions, Robbie helped himself to the gas and air that she was also using!

The 38 year old singer said:

"I had loads of it. Iwas looking at my mother looking at me. Every time Ayda had a contraction I thought, 'I can have gas and air too'".

He finished by saying, "I've got such huge respect for women who have babies".

Baby Theodora Rose was born healthily at 3.15 in the afternoon, after the birth Robbie appeared and said "Teddy popped into the world and it changed my life".

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