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Rylan Clarke Is A 'Circus Act' Says Leading Vocal Coach

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By Sophie Alexander on Thursday 18th October 2012 Photo by

X Factor finalist Rylan Clarke has been criticised by vocal coach David Grant who says he's a "circus act".

The former Fame Academy coach has slammed The X Factor and the "fame-hungry" Rylan in an interview with Sky News.

"You have had in the many years of ‘X Factor’ many people desperate for success. But this is the first person I have ever seen that would dress up and cross the street to be at the opening of an envelope," he said.

"Rylan is the man who has had the greatest songwriter of our generation told he is deaf by someone who manages Jedward. Every time you think X Factor is a talent show, something like this happens to remind us that it's not.

"If you are a circus act and you are somebody that people are going to look at because it is car crash TV and on the other hand you have the really good singer, the really good singer goes home because of the circus act. It's not a talent show."

What David could be referring to, is the controversy that surrounded the talent show in week one of its live finals. Rylan was saved instead of country singer Carolynne Pool.

Rylan has been making constant headlines since his time on The X Factor, most recently for being evicted from the Corinthia hotel with fellow contestant Lucy Spraggan after drunken antics got the pair in trouble.

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