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Usher: 'I'm Better At Gangnam Style Than PSY'

We doubt that!

By Alicia Adejobi on Thursday 18th October 2012 Photo by Carsten Windhorst/

Usher has bravely challenged Korean rap sensation PSY to a dance battle, claiming he can do the 'Gangnam Style' routine better than the rapper himself.

PSY topped the UK charts earlier this month with the infectious track which has had many clubgoers and celebrities - yes, Mel B, we mean you, performing the famous dance routine.

'Climax' singer Usher thinks he has perfected the dance so well that he believes he is even better than PSY.

"I do the 'Gangnam Style' better than PSY himself," Usher told Capital FM.

"We've hung out a little bit man, we're friends. He's cool man. He took me to a Korean club in New York City."

"Oh my God, they really party hard. It was so cool to see what he's able to do in his world. With this dance craze it just introduces you to something different."

There's no denying Usher can dance being one of the best dancers in the business, and explains how important dance crazes are to music.

"I really love opportunities like this where you're able to teach people who don't really know the real value of movement and how these dance crazes have followed us and become part of our personality," Usher said.

Check out the 'Gangnam Style' music video below...

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