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Ed Sheeran Advises Students To 'Avoid Music Degrees & College'

Sound advice?

By Sophie Alexander on Wednesday 17th October 2012 Photo by Digital Creations/

Ed Sheeran has advised music hopefuls to avoid studying the subject as a degree.


The 21 year old singer-songwriter told Newsbeat about how getting a music degree is not the way to get ahead in the industry.

He said on the matter: "If you want to be a producer then shadow a producer, start making him tea.

"If you want to be a singer then make sure you go to a lot of shows of people you really, really admire, study how they do it. Do your own shows, work up your confidence, write as many songs as possible so each time you do a song it gets better and better and better."

Sound advice from the 'You Don’t Need Me I Don’t Know You' singer who also practises what he preaches: In 2009 Sheeran played a total of 312 gigs after reading that James Morrison had reportedly played 200 in a year.

During Ed’s time at music college, he says how in the first lesson he was taught to erect a mic stand.

"You can learn that on your own" he stated.

Ed released his first studio album in 2009, it reached No 1 and went 4x Platinum in the UK.

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