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Robbie Williams Wants Baby Teddy To Design Him A Tattoo


By Sophie Alexander on Wednesday 17th October 2012 Photo by Robbie Williams Twitter Supplied by

Robbie Williams is planning on getting his daughter Teddy, to design him a tattoo (when she’s a little older of course!)


The ‘Candy’ singer became a first-time father last month when his wife Ayda Field gave birth to Theodora Rose.

Robbie, who has more than 10 tattoos on his body, told The FIX :

"I think I might wait until she's a little bit older and then get her to draw on me, and then I'll get tattooed what she draws. Whatever she does I'm sure it'll be cute.''

The 38-year-old went on to talk about how he understands a whole new meaning to the song ‘Kids’ he did with Kylie Minogue:

"Don't mind doing it for the kids? It brings on a whole different meaning — when daddy goes to work, there's a mouth to feed, a point to life, a reason to do things," he shares.

"I suppose that song in itself means a great deal now for all of those reasons."

Robbie went on to elaborate on what really happened with Kylie Minogue all those years ago:

"I f***ed my chances of ever sleeping with Kylie Minogue,” he laments.

He said he was “really f****ing drunk” and “just pointed at her and laughed.

“As if my life wasn’t surreal enough,” Robbie said.

Robbie William’s newest album Take The Crown is out November 5.

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