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Cheryl Cole Admits To Running Out Of Underwear On UK Tour!

Not a fan of going commando then Chezza?

By Sophie Alexander on Tuesday 16th October 2012 Photo by

Cheryl Cole should probably learn to keep some things to herself in future, as she reveals that she ran out of underwear on her current UK tour.


Acording to the Daily Star, the 27-year-old singer didn't pack enough knickers for the duration of her tour and was left red-faced when she had to send a minder out to buy her some extras.

Her entourage were said to have been instructed to rush out and buy her some “cheap and stringy knickers”.

A source told the paper: “Cheryl literally ran our of knickers during her Liverpool leg of the tour. She asked her people to go and track down some nice underwear for her to wear for the rest of the dates."

“A few of her staff zoomed off to John lewis… Cheryl was very precise about what she wanted, ordering cheap, stringy and small.

“Her team came back with a black lacy thing for around £7.99, a couple of pairs of black and pink lacy knickers and a £4.99 pair of granny pants”.

Cole embarked on her first solo tour named the 'A Million Lights' tour, on October 3. The tour has seen the 'Call My name' singer playing venues across the UK whilst making headlines recently for kissing her boyfriend, dancer Tre Holloway, on stage.

Cheryl Cole Glitters In Gold At First Show Of 'A Million Lights' Tour...

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