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Miley Cyrus Says Making Out With Co-Star Angus T Jones Was 'Creepy'

Only has eyes for Liam...

By Shanelle Hamilton on Monday 15th October 2012 Photo by /media/151012_miley1s.jpg

Miley Cyrus revealed that making out with her Two And A Half Men co-star Angus T. Jones was "creepy".

The 'Let's Get Crazy' singer is due to make a guest cameo on the comedy show to be aired later this month and revealed to TV host Jay Leno her kissing scene was filled with anything but passion.

"It was like... It was kind of weird because when I was doing it you know like the prop guy was and all these people were like do you have your ring on [enagagement ring]," Miley said.

"I was like this feels weird take off my ring and make out with Angus this is creepy and it kind of felt a little weird at first."

As funny TV host Jay Leno made a light-hearted comment that poor Angus might be watching Miley's "creepy" comments, the 19-year-old did her best to clear up her clumsy remarks.

Adding: "I felt creepy; he's not creepy."

Watch Miley Cyrus make her hilarious comment below.

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