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No Doubt Admit 11-Year Break Was Too Long

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By Shanelle Hamilton on Wednesday 10th October 2012

No Doubt have admitted their 11-year hiatus from the music scene was far too long.

The rock/pop band have revealed that they never intended to stay away for so long when they took a break in 2004.

The reformed bandmates spoke on ITV's Good Morning about their break from the industry and why they are now even stronger as a group.

''We actually never were apart (as friends), I mean, we always planned to do another record,'' said lead singer Gwen Steffani.

While Adrian added: ''There was a pause. I mean we had talked about making another record, but we just didn't know how long it was going to take in between ... What people don't really realise is that we saw each other quite often, but we all started having."

No Doubt were scheduled to start wrting the next LP in 2008 after Gwen finished a solo tour; however, the now mother of two fell pregnant with her second child Zuma, which delayed the album.

''In some ways when we were younger everything was so intense and all the little things were so important," added band member Tony.

''Now that we have kids and our priorities changed a little bit we're a lot easier with each other and the small things have kind of faded away."

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