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Mila Kunis Admits People Tell A Lot Of Lies In Hollywood

At least you've still got Ashton Kutcher!

By Shanelle Hamilton on Wednesday 10th October 2012 Photo by FayesVision/

Actress Mina Kunis has revealed she was told her Hollywood career was over before it had even started after she refused to pose for a magazine.

The beautiful Black Swan actress was told that her career would be over when she refused to pose for a magazine to promote the movie Max Payne in 2008 and it was at that point when she realised Hollywood is full of liars.

"My career was threatened over me not wanting to do the cover of a magazine by an executive. Oh, that's not even true. A person higher than an executive," the year-old told Esquire magazine.

"It was like, 'If you don't do this magazine, you'll never work in this company.' I went, 'Great.' It was the first time that I had someone on the phone tell me that I will never work in this industry again."

Mila, who was crowned the sexiest female alive by the glossy men's punlication, also revealed while the magazine she refused to pose for was by all means no Playboy, it was still a publication she felt uncomfortable with.

"I said, 'I'm sorry, what did you say?' It wasn't Playboy, but it was a magazine I didn't want to do. It's very simple. I just didn't want to do it. I said I would do that one and that one, just not this one. And this person couldn't accept no."

In my 29 years, I've never met someone who lied as much as this person did.  People in this industry lie so much, they believe their lies. That's what I learned on that movie. I learned people lie. I think that was the turning point of my career. Where I said no!"

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