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Ashley Walters Reveals He's Hooked On Reality TV

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By Shanelle Hamilton on Tuesday 9th October 2012 Photo by Daniel Deme /

Ashley Walters has revealed his "guilty pleasure" is reality TV and he loves nothing more than to catch up on his favourite episodes.

The former So Solid rapper admitted to that he likes to catch up on his favourite reality shows with the mother of his kids.

"My guilty pleasure is most reality TV to be honest, except Made In Chelsea. My girlfriend watches that it's dead-out," the rapper-turned-actor revealed.

Probed on whether he is a fan of the glossed-over style TV programmes or more gritty urban entertainment, Ashley said:

"With reality shows what we want to watch is people's lives that are much worse than ours. Train crash disasters, or we want to see people's lives that are much better than ours. So I don't think Peckham is going to be that exciting for anybody to watch,"

The Bullet Boy actor added that a reality show based on urban city lifestyles probably would not have the same edge as other glamourous reality shows.

"It's not griping TV. We've seen it all before with Adulthood and Kidulthood and Bullet Boy... The fact of the matter is that type of TV appeals to people because it's lives that you can't have," the 30-year-old added.

"Which is why is why I still watch it because my life isn't like that. I'm still in the struggle. That's why I love it... The fakeness that these people are living up to."

"I can sit back and watch those things and think isn' life isn't really that bad because I've got the love of a good woman and my beautiful children and my family are core to me," the star added.

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