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Leona Lewis Reveals How Aunt Embarrassed Her In Front Of Will Smith

Awkward moment!

By Shanelle Hamilton on Tuesday 9th October 2012 Photo by Hugh Dillon/

Leona Lewis has revealed she was reeling with embarrassment when her aunt met Will Smith at a showbiz party.

The 'Bleeding Heart' singer confessed she cringed when her aunt - who is a will Smith fan - practically stalked the Hollywood star at a private party.

"I took my auntie to an event and she stalked Will Smith saying, 'I'm going to get a picture of you with him'. I was like, 'Please don't embarrass me!'" Leona told Celebs On Sunday magazine.

Adding the cringeworthy moment her aunt walked up to the Men In Black star and insisted he take a photo with her.

"But she marched up and dragged him over to me and said, 'You need to have a picture with my niece Leona, she's a singer.'"

"And he was really sweet to her and like, 'Ok, Auntie!' even though she was being a crazy person. He's used to it I imagine, but he knew who I was so that was kind of cool."

How embarrassing!

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