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Robert Pattinson On Having A Daughter: 'Girls Are Hard To Understand'

Is he wrong?

By Alicia Adejobi on Tuesday 9th October 2012 Photo by Ivan Nikolov/

Robert Pattinson says he wants to have a son rather than a daughter as girls are "harder to understand."

The Twilight actor may not be ready to settle down with children just yet, but he is already thinking towards the future and says he is less keen to have a girl as he believes they are harder to understand then women.

"I think that I'd have a better understanding with a boy. Girls are hard to understand. The instruction manual that comes with them is 800 pages long and written in Chinese!" Robert told Star Club magazine.

"And if you know how to read it, you realise that you're still missing 32 more chapters that are essential and you have to improvise. Whereas with a boy, it's easy. Sports, TV, a video game, some Coke and he's happy."

Robert is said to have reconciled with his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart after she admitted to having an affair with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

Do you agree with Rob - are girls harder than boys?

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