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LIVE REVIEW: Cheryl Cole - ' A Million Lights Tour' @ London's O2 Arena

Some bum notes, but holds her own!

By Rume Ugen on Monday 8th October 2012 Photo by Paul Hennessy / Splash News

Shooting from the top of a pyramid, Cheryl Cole dazzled the crowds at London's O2 Arena in a beautiful gold outfit that shimmered under the lights. Looking every bit the pop star, the outfit was more than appropriate for her ‘A Million Lights’ arena tour.

Wearing sequinned harem pants coupled with a bold statement necklace, the pop princess mimicked the Egyptian theme and was reminiscent of a modern day Cleopatra. Gracing the top of the pyramid and looking down onto her thousands of fans whom had filled the arena, her dancers engaged in an energetic routine that excited the crowds.

It was evident that we were seeing a new side to Cheryl, a bold, confident and more importantly ‘Sexy Den A Mother’ side, as she sang the track – of course the spelling of is the song is a testament to just how ‘urban’ she is.

As Britain’s pop angel fell into arms of her sexy dancers she grinded with who appeared to be her new squeeze - Tre Holloway, in a heated routine.

Not to be distracted by the bright lights and the pyrotechnics, it was clear to see that Cheryl would lip-sync her way through the first couple of songs. Perhaps to make allowances for the energetic dance routines - ironic considering most of the complicated moves were left to her dancers. When she did have the opportunity to strut her stuff, the constant hair flashing and fist pumping was irritating to say the least.

The tempo picked up for a familiar tune, and it was straight in to her most recent number one single ‘Call My Name’, much to the delight of crowds. It couldn’t be denied that this track was a pop song made in heaven as the Calvin Harris-produced anthem filled the arena, making even the sceptics display dance moves that would put the die-hards to shame. As the crowds screamed the chorus, it was uplifting and made for a lively start to the show.

A rendition of ‘Promise This’ followed, before a quick outfit change to tease audiences with Girls Aloud classics. Dressed in a svelte satin pencil skirt with a peplum top, Cheryl took us back to the 50’s with a rock n roll feel to the performance.

Mic in hand, Cheryl tried her turn at singing live to perform ‘The Promise’ and ‘Love Machine’. Despite her bandmates not gracing the stage, we didn't miss them which was testament to Cheryl’s star quality as a solo artist.

The second half of the show took a turn for the worst, as she sang a number of ballads, that couldn't disguise her weak and pitchy vocals. Delighting fans by walking through the crowds to appear on a raised stage in the middle of the arena, her purple outfit, complete with boots and what seemed like a cape was more appropriate for a comic book superhero.

A few bum notes were hit during ‘A Million Lights’ but she held her own, before an awkward duet with Will.I.Am. While Will was a crowd-pleaser the performance fell as flat as both of their vocals.

UK rapper Wretch 32 was a pleasant surprise as he joined her on stage for her next hit ‘Screw You’. However, if you blinked you would have missed him, as he merely rapped his few lines and left without warning, much to the crowd's disappointment - a few ‘Is that it?’ were whispered. Cheryl displayed her new attitude in what was her two fingers salute to cheating ex-hubby Ashley Cole.

Despite her less than average vocals it was good to see her attempts at singing live, however, Cheryl should stick to lip-syncing her upbeat anthems such as ‘Fight For This Love’ and showing off her enviable body.

If one thing is for sure, Cheryl is a crowd-pleaser, and isn't short of devoted fans that will support her every step of the way, cementing her place as a chart-topper.

Cheryl Cole Glitters In Gold At First Show Of 'A Million Lights' Tour...

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