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Madonna Decides Against Wearing Muslim Bridal Dress In New Music Video

Is there anything she won't do?!

By Alicia Adejobi on Monday 8th October 2012 Photo by Dominic Chan/

Madonna reportedly decided against wearing a Muslim bridal dress for her next music video as her advisors feared for her safety.

The 'Girl Gone Wild' singer was planning on donning a so-called 'Terror Bride' outfit which consisted of a traditional Iraqi bridal veil and a US soldier's uniform, but decided against it as those in her inner circle feared it was spark outrage and controversy.

"Madonna had the outfit ready to go. She was really proud of it and said it was her 'Terror Bride' costume," a source told The Sun.

"She had paraded around in it and said she was going to wear it in her next music video. At first when people started telling her it was madness she just brushed it off."

"But when they mentioned that her actions could put her life at risk she decided to ditch it from her video and certainly won't be wearing it on stage."

While Madonna was said to be "disappointed" that she wasn't able to wear the outfit for this music video, she is reportedly considering wearing the outfit in the future.

"She was really disappointed as she was so adamant about it," she explained.

"And even when she said she wasn't going to go ahead she winked that it was being put aside 'for now'."

Madonna caused outrage recently when she described Barack Obama as a "black Muslim" in the White House.

Is there anything Madge won't do for attention?!

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