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Nicole Scherzinger Says She Was 95 Per Cent Of The Pussycat Dolls


By Shanelle Hamilton on Friday 5th October 2012 Photo by Will Alexander / Stuart Castle /

Nicole Scherzinger has revealed that she was responsible for the bulk of the work while she was part of her fomer band the Pussycat Dolls, according to US Weekly.

The X Factor judge made the possibly true, but nonetheless catty, comments during taping for her interview with VH1 show Behind The Music, revealing that she sang the lead and backing vocals while former member Melody Thornton, Ashley Roberts, Kimberly Wyatt, Jessica Sutta and Carmit Bachar played a passive role in th group.

"I love those girls, they're like my sisters, but people don't even know the story," Scherzinger said.

"They have no idea. I was in the centre because I was singing. I was the one singing."

The 34-year-old admitted keeping her revelation a secret as she didn't want to get in trouble, but insisted that her former band-mate never heard a lot of their hit tracks until it was played to them from the already compiled album.

"I never really talked about it, but I'll never forget I finished the album PCD and [producer] Ron [Fair] and I brought the girls into the studio and we played it for them, and it was the first time they'd ever heard the music," she said.

"Do you understand what I'm saying? We played the album for the Pussycat Dolls. It was the first time they'd ever heard the songs."

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