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Single Review: Adele - 'Skyfall' (James Bond Theme Track)

Stirring and totally Bond...

By Sophie Alexander on Friday 5th October 2012 Photo by

It's finally here folks! Adele has premiered the new theme track for the forthcoming James Bond movie Skyfall - and of course she doesn't disappoint.


Was it ever really in contention that anyone other than the UK's best musical export, the multi award-winning, and biggest-artist-in-the-world-right-now Adele, would sing the James Bond theme tune? Of course not.

Not only are Adele’s vocals capable of making the hair on arms around the world stand on end, but she’s both the King and Queen of writing rousing, anthemic power ballads.

And exactly what a Bond theme tune requires is that mystery, slow building crescendo that peaks with the requisite orchestral grandeur whilst on screen Daniel Craig leaps into the abyss looking exquisitely masculine.

And boy does it deliver. The piano chords gently start the track off by playing out the 007 bass line, whilst Adele keeps her voice controlled until the chorus, when gradually the drums, strings and horns kick in, and the suspense only rises further.

Then it all kicks off, every orchestral instrument known to man joins together to provide only the backing for Adele’s 13-second-long ‘Skyfaaaaall’ note.

The record is a traditionalists dream, 007 geeks around the world will no doubt be rejoicing at the back to basics style of the song.

It’s not exactly subtle, but then again neither is the Bond franchise. Congrats Adele, you’ve done it again.

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