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Nicole Scherzinger Receives Death Threats Over Rylan Clark On X Factor

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By Alicia Adejobi on Friday 5th October 2012 Photo by

Nicole Scherzinger has revealed she has been receiving death threats for putting Rylan Clark through to the live shows on The X Factor.

The 'Poison' singer shocked the nation last weekend when she chose Ibiza-loving singer Rylan as one of her final three contestants, axing some of the better singers from the competition. Nicole says that people have been so angry with her decision that they have been sending her death threats.

"It really frightened and scared me when I got death threats so it upset me to hear Rylan had to go through that pain," Nicole said according to Contact Music.

"To read some of the comments he has had hurts me too. People need to give Rylan a chance. Everyone that gets to know him has a great fondness and affinity with him."

However, Nicole admits that this isn't the first time she has received death threats - during her stint on X Factor USA last year, Nicole says she was forced to go into hiding after becoming a hate figure.

"It breaks my heart. Last year, I had death threats on X Factor USA. That kind of ruined me. I didn't want to leave my hotel room. I didn't know that people could conjure up such thoughts - so hateful," Nicole explained.

You can catch Nicole in the first X Factor live show this Saturday on ITV1.

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