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Gary Barlow 'Furious' With Simon Cowell Over X Factor Comments

Planning revenge...

By Alicia Adejobi on Wednesday 3rd October 2012 Photo by

Gary Barlow is said to be planning on getting revenge on Simon Cowell after the TV boss is said to have made catty remarks about Gary's judging on The X Factor.

Simon's unofficial biography, Sweet Revenge, was published by Tom Bower earlier this year, in which he claims Simon was annoyed that Take That singer Gary had been invited back to The X Factor for a second year, something which rubbed Gary up the wrong way.

According to The Sun, Gart is now planning on getting his own back on Simon for his comments and will be dishing the dirt in his own autobiography.

"Wait until my book comes out! It will be bloody beautiful. I’ll get the lot of them," Gary said.

"I've had plenty of abuse in the past 22 years. I’m so used to having people saying things about me — then when I actually meet them it turns out they’ve never said the things. I take it all with a pinch of salt."

"Gossip and tittle tattle, I’ve got no time for that."

Despite the claims in Bower's book, Gary says that Simon actually critiques every show, and he hasn't had any negative feedback thus far.

"We get messages every couple of weeks. He gets the show sent to him. He approves it," he revealed.

"I don’t get advice. We get feedback on the shows just saying, ‘We love the pace of the show’ or whatever. He’s the executive producer on the show so he makes changes to the edits but yes, we’ve had good feedback."

What are your thoughts on Gary's judging?

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