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Britney Spears Restricts Internet & Phone Use To Avoid Negative Comments

Drastic measures!

By Shanelle Hamilton on Tuesday 2nd October 2012 Photo by Adriana M. Barraza/

Britney Spears is reportedly restricting her internet and phone access so she is not exposed to negative feeback.

The X  Factor judge, who has been under the conservatorship of her father Jamie Spears for the past four years, is being protected by her family, fiance Jason Trawick and close friends so she doesn't read any bad press or gossip written about her.

The measures are also being taken to prevent the singer's former manager Sam Lutfi from contacting her.

''Britney's cell phone and internet use is restricted and heavily monitored, and this is done for her protection," a source informed website

"Britney's father Jamie and her fiance Jason want to make sure that her former manager, Sam Lufti, isn't able to contact her.

Adding: "Britney and Jason essentially share a cell phone, and it's routinely checked to see who has been calling."

Wow! Poor Britney.

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