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Jessie J Doesn’t Like Dating Men Because Of Stubble Rash


By Asha Ladwa on Friday 28th September 2012 Photo by Daniel Deme/

Singer Jessie J has admitted that the downside to dating men is getting a sore chin after making out.

''I get really bad stubble rash so any guys that I'm seeing or whatever have to condition their beards so it's soft,'' she told Radio 1.

The 24-year-old songstress is thought to have been single after a split from a long-term girlfriend earlier this year, but has admitted that she prefers not to be defined by her choices of partner.

''The bisexual label irritates me. The only thing I want to be defined by is my music and personality,'' she said.

Meanwhile, the 'Domino' hitmaker has confirmed that she will be appearing on the next series of TV talent showThe Voice.

''I am looking forward to hanging out with Will, Tom and Danny again - officially. I've said I'm doing it,' she told Capital FM.

The British singer revealed that after some serious juggling of work commitments, she's back on track to appear again on the popular show.

''Between my book being published and now, The Voice have very, very kindly been able to move some of the dates that I'm available because I really wanted to do it,'' she said.

Added Jessie: ''The only reason I couldn't do it was because of dates. They've now been organised, I am going to be there sitting in my chair bigging it up.''

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