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Jason Mraz's Ex Gives Her Account Of Break-Up In New Songs

Her version of events....

By Asha Ladwa on Friday 28th September 2012 Photo by Dan Jackman/ Adriana M. Barraza/Doug Mezs

Singer Jason Mraz's ex-fiancee has responded to the singer's account of their break-up in a new collection of songs.

30-year-old singer-songwriter Tristan Prettyman decided to tell her account of the story when the 'I'm Yours' hitmaker went public about the details of their split last year, and decided to get creative with her emotions and pen a track about her feelings.

Talking to, she said: ''I was engaged to a musician and he put a song out, and it was not the story that I remembered it being.''

Continued the Californian-native,

''I remember being at home, and I was just so like furious, and I also felt pretty helpless as well. This song is being put out and people think this is what happened and I don’t have a voice.''

Added Prettyman,

''I didn't want to blog and I didn’t want to tweet and I had, like, fans coming at me like, 'Is this what happened?'  And I remember thinking, 'Save it for a song, save it for a song.''

But similar to artists like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, who frequently use heartache as a source of inspiration for their material, Prettyman didn't just stop at just one song and now many tracks on her new Cedar & Gold album relating to the break-up.

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