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Harry Styles Denies Hitting On Natalie Imbruglia

Just friends!

By Shanelle Hamilton on Thursday 27th September 2012 Photo by

Harry Styles has denied claims he tried to make a pass at singer Natalie Imbruglia.

The 18-year-old was linked to the Aussie beauty after the two were seen engrossed in coversation and giggling at Jame Corden's wedding.

While several publications revealed that the pair later left the nuptials at the same time to head back to their hotel.

However, during a televised interview with Alan Carr, the curly-haired singer insisted that there is nothing going on between the pair and they simply had a drink together.

"We were at a wedding, James Corden's wedding," Harry told Alan.

"We'd never met before, and that was literally it. We had a drink. I guess we kinda left at the same time so it might have looked a bit dodgy."

Still on the market, ladies!

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