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Lily Allen Writes For Bridget Jones Musical

She has ten songs down already...

By David Renshaw on Tuesday 13th July 2010 Photo by Splash News

Since 'retiring' from music Lily Allen hasn't half been busy doing musical things.

Despite claiming that she would no longer be doing any musical projects Allen has been writing the music for an upcoming stage production of Bridget Jones Diary.

That is a real thing by the way, not just a series of words to get the male population of Britain to run for the hills.

Speaking to The Mirror Allen said: "Everyone thinks it's just one or two songs. But I've now had ten accepted and they look to be making the final cut for the show.

"I'm hugely proud of this and it's something I've worked really bloody hard on. The money would be great but it's being recognised as a songwriter and lyricist that truly excites me."

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