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Harry Styles Makes A Play For Natalie Imbruglia?

Smooth operator!

By Shanelle Hamilton on Monday 24th September 2012

One Direction cutie Harry Styles is said to smitten with Natalie Imbruglia after making a move on her at James Cordon's wedding.

According to the Metro newspaper, the 18-year-old and Aussie singer spent the night at Babington House Hotel, where Cordon's nuptials took place, and arrived the next morning to a cheery reception after their mingling the night before was noticed by other guests.

"Everyone was talking about how Harry was really smitten with Natalie," a source told The Mirror newspaper.

Adding: "They got on like a house on fire and were clearly very into each other."

"The next morning Harry was given a grilling by the other guests. He was overheard telling one that he thinks Natalie is an amazing woman."

Wow! Harry is really into his cougar love.

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