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Rihanna 'Furious' With Chris Brown Over New Tattoo?

Reconciliation off?

By Alicia Adejobi on Monday 24th September 2012 Photo by Craig Harris/

Rihanna is said to be furious with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown over his recent tattoo which has widely been reported to resemble the mugshot of the songstress' battered face after he attacked her in 2009.

Chris was subjected to severe backlash earlier this month when he unveiled a new tattoo on his neck, which appeared to be of a woman's bloodied and bruised face, with most believing it was similar to the infamous photo of Rihanna.

The Sun reports that Rihanna was disgusted with Chris for choosing such a sickening image and has decided against their alleged reconciliation.

"He must've known what people would think. But that's typical of Chris he never thinks about anyone but himself. It's a painful reminder for Rihanna of what she went through," a source said.

"This has thrown Rihanna. She's been calling Chris to say the tattoo is sickening and she's furious."

Chris denied that the photo was of Rihanna or a battered woman, and was inspired by a MAC cosmetics design.

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