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WATCH! Kanye West Offers Personal Insight Into 'Cruel Summer'

Creative process explained.....

By Asha Ladwa on Thursday 20th September 2012 Photo by

With his G.O.O.D. Music crew Big Sean, Pusha T, Common and Teyana Taylor making their promotional rounds for Cruel Summer, Kanye West has shied away from interviews since dropping the compilation last week.

But the Chicago rapper is finally speaking out about the project in a video posted onto his YouTube channel.

In the black and white clip, Yeezy talks about how the compilation came together, the creative process behind the music, and what it was like to work with so many different talents.

''We started off by just getting everybody in the lab together; we reached out to other camps to, you know, do something new and exciting in hip-hop, minus all the politics,'' explained the 35-year-old rap mogul.

''We take it really serious that we make the best product we can, but also we’re light with it too,'' said Ye. ''We just wanna have fun and commune and festivalize—I’m not sure if that’s currently a word but it will be afterwards.''

On his inspiration and creative thoughts behind the material, West said:

''I had the album artwork in front of me, while I was working on the songs, and I would listen, and say 'Does this song sound like this packaging looks?'''

Towards the end of clip, the 'Mercy' hitmaker contemplates on what the album means today, adding,

''The album aims to capture the current moment. This isn’t the beginning of the conversation, this isn’t the end of the conversation. It’s our offering as a collective of a sonic snapshot of what’s happening right now, 2012.''

Check out the Kanye's Cruel Summer insight in the video below......

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