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London Fashion Week Interview: Jameela Jamil

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By Asha Ladwa on Tuesday 18th September 2012 Photo by Lia Toby/ Daniel Deme/

As well as rubbing shoulders with A-list fashionistas at London Fashion Week, Popdash presenter Sugarpuff caught up with the gorgeous Jamila Jamil backstage, who gave us an insight on her favourite shows, her clothing range, and the very unusual contents of her handbag....

Looking chic in a large oversized hat and a dash of red lipstick, the 26-year-old T4 presenter excitedly revealed the fashion catwalk that she was most excited to see, when asked which retailer/brand she had her sights set on.

''I think Topshop - they are my favourite show, because they make really cool edgy designs really accessible and wearable. There's so much beautiful stuff on the catwalk of course, but so much of it you can't imagine ever walking down the street in! You can't go to Tesco wearing half of these things!'' said Jamila.

The British model, who has just released the winter collection for her clothing range on, was also keen to emphazise the diverseness of fashion, adding,

''I think fashion shouldn't be dictated by your age, or size, or height; it's not exclusive, the way it's portrayed to be, every woman should have to right to feel beautiful.''

Before parting ways with Jameela, we couldn't help but curiously probe her on the contents of her handbag...

''It's really embarrassing,'' admitted the leggy brunette sheepishly.

''I just have a lot of food, a lot of carbs...I have some shoes, and a candle (designer Zoe Jordan gave them to her off the catwalk) I've got popcorn, I've got some chocolate rice cakes...''

Who would have thought that the super-slim Jamil was a secret foodie!

To see more of her interview, check out the clip below.....

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