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London Fashion Week Interview: Dionne Bromfield

Reveals her style inspirations & more!

By Asha Ladwa on Monday 17th September 2012 Photo by Will Alexander/

With the hottest event of the season, London Fashion Week still underway, PopDash presenter Sugarpuff caught up with teen starlet Dionne Bromfield, who was spotted out and about at several fashion shows, to get the low-down on her outfit and style inspirations.

The 16-year-old soul singer looked very much the fashionista, as she wore a grey Bora Aksu blazer, bright orange Zoe Jordan dress, teaming it with nude heels.

Despite her outfit looking very much on-point, the 'Mama Said' songstress admitted that it wasn't inspired by anyone in particular.

''It's not really inspired by anybody, I just like making casual things look really nice. I usually wear high street shoes and something really expensive, to compliment high street and designer.''

Bromfield, who is the god-daughter of the late singing sensation Amy Winehouse, did reveal one superstar who she did look upto style-wise.

''A massive style icon for me is Beyonce,'' revealed Dionne. ''She's amazing, I mean she's an icon to me; her style's incredible, she knows how to look sexy, sultry, or just normal. She does everything.''

The singer also admitted that is a huge fan of British designer Matthew Williamson, adding that if she could have any fashion item under her name, it would be his.

''Any Matthew Williamson clothes, I would love to have under my name, because I love Matthew Williamson, so any of his designs.''

And who does she think is the worst-dressed celeb(s)?

''The TOWIE lot! You know what, they're nice, I do give them their due though, they do make an effort, like glam up and look good, but sometimes some of the stuff that they wear is not that nice..''

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