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Ellie Goulding Says She Often Feels 'Lonely'

No stranger to the feeling......

By Asha Ladwa on Monday 17th September 2012 Photo by Apega/ Ricky Swift/

Ellie Goulding has admitted that she often feels lonely, despite being in a relationship.

The 'Starry Eyed' singer, who is currently in a relationship with dubstep artist Skillrex, has said that despite being happy with him, their clashing musical careers is often the reason that they spend frequent time apart.

The 25-year-old has admitted that due to this, she regularly feels as if there's noone there to support and understand her.

Said Ellie,

''If someone asked me what emotion I felt the most it would be loneliness. My boyfriend travels around the world constantly. we see each other maybe once a month. So there's that, but there's also the loneliness of feeling you're the only person who can do things the way you want to do them.''

Continued the British songstress,

''I can be in a room with a bunch of friends and still feel pretty alone. I think I've always been like that, though.''

The singer-songwriter has also said that her new album Halcyon was a difficult experience because she felt completely isolated, even though she was working with a team.

Speaking to Culture magazine, she said: ''Making this record has definitely been the loneliest experience of my life - whether people have been there or not. I think part of me will always be like that, even during periods of happiness.''

Halcyon is the follow-up to Goulding's 2010 debut Lights and will be released on October 8.

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