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Alesha Dixon Admits She 'Took Risks' On New Album

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By Asha Ladwa on Friday 14th September 2012 Photo by Joe Alvarez/ Zak Hussein/ Lia Toby

R&B artist Alesha Dixon has confirmed that she has a new album in the works.

The leggy 33-year-old British songstress admitted that although she has been ''taking risks'' on the record, she's been so busy with other work projects, that she's struggled to wrap up the album.

''Juggling things has been a bit tricky,'' Dixon told Metro. ''I like spending a solid amount of time in the studio, which has been difficult with all the various projects but I’m still recording and writing. For me, it’s a case of coming out with something I love, without any pressure, on my own terms.''

When quizzed over what to expect from the forthcoming LP, the former Mis-teeq member explained,

''I like being a bit different and taking risks. 'Boy Does Nothing' and 'Drummer Boy' weren’t the kind of record people might have expected me to release.

''I don’t want to follow what other people are doing, I want to make records I love,'' she added.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge recently teamed up with singer Ashley Walters for his new single 'Your Love,' which is penned for release on October 14.

Discussing her decision to work with her ex-husband's former band member, she said: "I've known Ashley for a long time and I loved the song. He's written a genuine, heart-felt record and I had a great time recording it."

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