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Is Kim Kardashian Planting Stories About Feud With Beyonce?

Say What?!

By Shanelle Hamilton on Wednesday 12th September 2012

 It's been widely reported that Beyonce and Kim Kardashian do not get along, despite their other halves being best friends.

Reality star Kim has been dating 'Mercy' rapper Kanye West since April, while Queen Bey is happily married to his wingman JaY-Z.

While the two were seen hanging out together at Jay-Z's 'Made In America' concert and 'Watch The Throne' tour, stories have circulated that Bey's dislike for Kimmy is becuase of her constant attention-seeking and infamous 2007 sex tape.

However, according to Urban Belle, stories of the 'Love On Top' singer snubbing the reality star could be part of a smear campaign by Kim K to make the singer look bad.

"Kim will do anything to clean up her image right about now," the source, who used to work in K.K.'s camp, said.

"She wants to be a real actress and get into fashion, but her image is tainted. So expect some bizarre stories about 'Bad Ole Beyonce' very soon."

"Her team is set to make Beyonce seem like the typical mean girl who refuses to accept her friend’s new girlfriend."

Do you think callous Kimmy would throw Bey under the bus like that?

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