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Katy Perry Thinks Russell Brand Is 'Lame'

Childish but fair...

By Kayleigh Dray on Wednesday 29th February 2012

Russell Brand may be moving on from his marriage with the help of two women, but Katy Perry doesn't care whatsoever!

We're already filled you in on the fact that Elton John invited Katy Perry to his exclusive post-Oscars party with the intention of setting her up with an eligible bachelor. And the attempt to get Katy well and truly over her ex seems to have worked, with the 'California Gurls' singer damning her former hubby as "lame".

A source came forward to Hollywood Life and revealed that, far from her morose attitude of the last few months, Katy Perry was back to her fun and vivacious self:

“Katy was totally in her element and around people that really care about her. She didn’t seem upset once, in fact she was laughing and acting like her old self... Katy thinks Russell is so lame. She’s knows there’s something better out there.”

Harsh words, but, potentially, fair ones.

Katy has been linked with everyone from backing dancers to American Footballers, so it seems she's already on the hunt for the new Mr Perry. It goes without saying that she had a fab time at the lush party, reportedly getting more than a little "tipsy" and even entering a bidding war. For a cooking lesson.

Sources report that Perry bid $50,000 for at-home cooking lessons with Chef Cat Cora. However Steven Tisch, co-owner of the New York Giants, offered $80,000. But Perry isn't one to give up easily; after emptying her purse, she came to an arrangement with Tisch, with the pair planning to split the prize for $100,000.

One source came forward to say that Katy's expensive actions were not inspired by alcohol:

"Katy got up and hugged [Tisch] delightedly. She seemed a bit tipsy, but not messy at all."

Ah well, at least all of those showbiz pennies are going towards a good cause; Elton John's AIDS Foundation will be taking all proceeds from the auction.


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