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Whitney Houston's Death 'Was An Accident'

The news comes ahead of official toxicology results...

By Kayleigh Dray on Wednesday 29th February 2012

The world has been waiting with bated breath for confirmation on why Whitney Houston died on 12th February.

And, while the official cause of death may still be awaiting results of a toxicology report, US publications are revealing that Whitney's shock death was the result of a tragic accident.

A source came forward to Boombox to reveal that the death was not a suicide:

“She had no marks on her body whatsoever to indicate a struggle, and she was the furthest thing from trying to kill herself.”

This will, hopefully, help to ease the minds of those close to Whitney, as it puts an end to those early rumours which suggested that Houston's death was a suicide or, at the very least, a self-fulfilling prophecy brought about by the singer repeatedly voicing the opinion that she was going to "die soon".

Toxicology results are rumoured to be released next week, although it is already widely believed that they will show an accidental overdose of prescription drugs to be the most likely cause of death.

Hopefully, once the official reports have been released, Whitney will be allowed to rest in peace.

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