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Rihanna And Tinie Tempah Heat Things Up On Twitter

Are the pair an item?

By Kayleigh Dray on Wednesday 29th February 2012

The tabloids may be telling us that Rihanna is back with abusive ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, but her Twitter feed suggests otherwise...

The 'Only Girl In The World' was spotted engaging in some pretty hot 'n' heavy Twitter-flirting (or is that Twirting?) with 'Frisky' Tinie Tempah. And when we say hot 'n' heavy, we MEAN hot 'n' heavy. The UK rapper initiated the exchange with a not-so-subtle message:

"'Ooooooooooohhh I wanna f**k you right now"

Did your jaw hit the floor? Ours too!

However, Rihanna seems to have responded well to this overtly sexual message, replying to and retweeting his post with a cheeky one of her own: "Well, you're awake!"

Hmm. Does this mean that any conscious man would be unable to resist RiRi's charms or that, being as Tinie's awake, he may as well just make a move?

Ambiguous stuff.

Tinie took it as a compliment, retweeting RiRi's response alongside the iconically flirtatious smiley - yup, the tongue-poke one. We know the pair have met before; Tinie supported Rihanna on her 2012 UK tour and he's already admitted he has a bit of a crush on the Bajan beauty. But what does RiRi think of him?

Only time will tell.

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