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Rihanna And Chris Brown To Duet On American Idol

Well, that's the rumour anyway...

By Kayleigh Dray on Monday 27th February 2012

It doesn't matter if you're rooting for Rihanna and Chris Brown to get back together, or hating the idea, the fact remains that the pair are big news.

And American Idol producers, well aware of this, are rumoured to to be in talks with the twosome in a bid to have them appear on this season's show.


The former couple (or current lovers, depending on which tabloid you believe!) recently collaborated on RiRi's controversial 'Birthday Cake', pushing them well into the glare of the public eye. And American Idol producers are keen to get in on this...

An American Idol source came forward to E! News, explaining that a live duet from the pair would boost ratings:

"They want Chris and Rihanna to reunite for the show. With the return of the live shows this Tuesday, it is thought that producers believe having Rihanna and Brown reunite on stage would boost ratings."

Rihanna's representatives are, unsurprisingly, denying the rumours for the time being.

We imagine that, should the pair make the deal to appear on live television together, RiRi's PR peeps will need to be prepared for a huge backlash from the Bajan singer's fans. Many are criticising Rihanna for allowing Chris Brown back into her life after he was arrested for assaulting her back in 2009.

Do you think Rihanna and Chris Brown should put their past behind them and focus on their music careers together? Or is Rihanna setting a bad example by letting the man who put her in hospital back into her life, regardless of whether it is in a purely business or romantic capacity?

 Rihanna and Chris Brown party at the same nightclub

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