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Alexandra Burke: Simon Cowell Was Too Busy For Me

Takes a swipe at the music mogul

By Rebecca Merriman on Friday 24th February 2012 Photo by WENN

Alexandra Burke has hit out at Simon Cowell for being too busy and blamed the mogul for her reason to leave his Syco label.

The X Factor winner is now signed to RCA and says that she switched because she wanted a “label that was there for me”.

She told Digital Spy: “Simon Cowell is busy with The X Factor and is always away and so I wanted to make sure I had a label that was there for me."

“RCA's Colin Barlow is here in London, so it's really helpful.”

Not that she has dropped the Cowell connection completely as the 23 year-old admits he is a good person to know in the music business.

She revealed: “Simon still oversees stuff and is a great person to be connected with and I have a lot of respect for him. He helped me get to where I am today."

Her new record ‘Elephant’ has been met by mixed reviews and though the singer hasn’t had any comment from the musical mogul she is sure if Simon didn’t like it he would tell her.

The ‘Bad Boys’ star said: “"He hasn't given me any feedback, but I hope he's loving it! If he didn't he would let me know about it, that's for sure."

Alexandra has promised a racy new image for her new album. Her new music will apparently be sexier than ever.

Alexandra Joins JLS For Raunchy Underwear Shoot

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