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The Saturdays To Hit US Television

There's nothing like a good reality show to shake things up...

By Kayleigh Dray on Monday 20th February 2012

America has a definite "dreams CAN come true" status; musicians, artists, actresses and all other struggling creative types have all skipped over the pond to try and make it big over there.

The Saturdays are thinking... well, they're thinking slightly smaller than the rest of us.

While many thought the girls would head over there to break into the US music scene, it seems that they've got another agenda in mind; reality television. Yup. Rochelle Wiseman, Frankie Sanford, Mollie King and Vanessa White intend to follow in the footsteps of the Kardashians and the Osbournes before them and break their way into the INCREDIBLY critically-acclaimed world of reality.

Anyone else feeling as if this the ultimate face-palm moment ever?

Regardless of what we think about it, the girls have been in the US attending meetings with TV execs, in the hope that they can move across the pond if it all goes well. And they've already been checking out luxury houses to live in...

Rochelle explained the girls' reasoning to Digital Spy:

"There has been so much press flying around for weeks... It was literally us five girls thinking, 'We've done a reality show here - how fun would it be to do one Stateside?' ... We literally had it down as an idea and then all of a sudden the press are saying we've got a channel that it's on. It was an idea, but all the confirmed stuff is untrue."

So it's NOT confirmed, but it's a big possibility.

Do you think you'll be watching? Do you want The Saturdays to make their US dreams a reality (show)?

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