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Justin Bieber Swears At 'Fans' In YouTube Clip

He was at a theme park

By Shaun Kitchener on Thursday 16th February 2012 Photo by

Apparently this video shows Justin Bieber turning the air blue out of frustration at a couple of so-called "fans".

A pair of exciteable girls shout sarcastically "I follow you on Twitter!", before Bieber shouts "F*** you!" and raisies his middle finger.

The girls collapse into hysterical laughter, with one giggling: "Justin Bieber told me 'f*** you!'"

They claim he was with his girlfriend Selena Gomez and his family at Disneyland on Valentine's Day.

The video has been met with a negative reaction from YouTube viewers, with one popular comment saying: "[The girls] weren't fans! They were haters who had followed him around all day, teasing him, while he was trying to spend some time whit his family. Please don't blame Justin for standing up for him self (sic)"

Watch the clip in question below (CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE):

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