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Rebecca Ferguson Hints At Secret Heartbreak?

Posts cryptic tweet

By Shaun Kitchener on Tuesday 14th February 2012 Photo by Sony

Rebecca Ferguson's album has rebounded back up into the Top 20 and her debut single 'Nothing's Real But Love' has made a triumphant return to the charts as well - but, for some reason, the X Factor star isn't happy.

The songbird has been making a habit of posting inspiring quotes on her Twitter feed, but today's had a hint of sadness to it that suggested a secret heartbreak - not exactly timed to perfection, considering it's Valentine's Day.

She said: "The way I was treated past two weeks nearly broke me but I've remembered #staylovely and pray for those who mistreat you .... (sic)"

Has she just come to the end of a whirlwind romance? Or has she been mistreated in her professional life? Maybe she's just been getting stressed out with a household appliance like a washing machine?! OK, it's probably not the third one.

Rebecca's new single 'Too Good To Lose' is out in March, and she is about to kick off her first ever headline tour.

Her last high-profile relationship was an ill-fated romance with One Direction's Zayn Malik, for which she came under fire for being five years his senior.

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