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Dappy On Tulisa: 'We Don't Talk Anymore'

N-Dubz stars in rift

By Shaun Kitchener on Tuesday 14th February 2012 Photo by

Dappy Contostavlos of N-Dubz has revealed that he no longer speaks to his cousin Tulisa.

The duo, who were joined by Tulisa's ex-boyfriend Fazer in the award-winning urban trio, have apparently been stuck in a "stubborn" rift for some time.

Promoting his new single 'Rockstar', Dappy told Now: "We don't talk anymore. It's upsetting. I'd love to be able to hold her, cuddle her and give her a kiss again.

"It wasn't jealousy. We just had to do our own thing. She'd boss me in her way and I wouldn't like it. Poor Fazer was stuck in the middle. We both wanted to be the boss. We're both very stubborn. We both weren't having it. We were killing each other every day."

He also admitted that the X Factor mentor's relationship with Fazer affected the dynamic of the band. "Listen, with them two being a couple and me finding out about it properly, it didn't feel like N-Dubz anymore. I'll tell that to the world.

"I was glad that my best friend was the one with my cousin. But at the same time it felt like it was Tulisa and Fazer with Dappy. It didn't feel like N-Dubz."

She definitely seems up for a reconcilliation, tweeting at the weekend: "Just reminiscing over the ndubz LLL tour,cant wait till the time is right n we've done r solo ish n reunite..guna b madness!#ndubletts (sic)"

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