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Max George: Justin Bieber Doesn't Think He is God

Teen dream humble about his success

By Rebecca Merriman on Friday 10th February 2012 Photo by WENN

Justin Bieber And 'The Wanted'

Justin Bieber may be the biggest star on the planet but the teen heartthrob is one humble and down the earth guy and definitely doesn’t “think he’s God”.

The ‘Never Say Never’ star who hit worldwide fame at the tender age of 15 may have let stardom go to his head, but according to 'The Wanted', who have joined the singer on a number of dates in the US the Canadian star is definitely no diva.

Max George from the band told MTV: "I think he just appreciates what happens to him rather than thinks he's God.”

The band has even been hanging out with the youngster on tour and like most boys it is sports that Bieber is interested in.

Max said: “We don't really talk music. When we speak to him, it's more we talk about football or basketball."

Even though he is a huge star with multi-million selling albums the pop idol hasn’t tried to give advice to the relatively unknown British band and are letting them get on with it themselves.

Max added: "He's not someone that really gives advice. I think he's too humble for that, in that way.”

It seems that the ‘Glad You Came’ don’t need his advice anyway as their star has rocketed since they embarked on a promotional tour in the States at the end of January.

The band finished with a sold out gig in Los Angeles that was hosted by celebrity gossip columnist Perez Hilton who is a huge fan of the group.

Despite Bieber's clean cut image, pop star K$sha wants to collaborate with him on his third album Believe which is out later this year.

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