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Lady Gaga Reveals Tour Poster

It's monster-worthy dark...

By Kayleigh Dray on Wednesday 8th February 2012 Photo by WENN

Fans of Lady Gaga will be as excited as us to finally lay their peepers on her official 'Born This Way Ball' poster...

And, believe us, it's pretty spooky. Maybe she's been taking creative inspiration from 'The Woman In Black' posters?

Lady Monster herself posted the image on her Twitter page yesterday, causing a massive scramble amongst fans to click it quick:

"Seeing #BTWBall next to the names of so many different countries on Twitter, its making me so happy!"

The picture is very dramatic, depicting the 'Judas' star amongst five men in a medieval castle, standing beneath a floating Oz-like Gaga head. We wonder what this means for the tour itself? We already know that Gaga likes her concerts to be a spectacularly visual affair and, what with a specially designed stage (complete with "Monster Pit") we can't imagine this one is going to be anything less than mind-blowing.

"'The Monster Pit' is General Admission only, and Little Monsters unlock it when they arrive to the arena or stadium... Entry to 'The Monster Pit' is relegated to the fans who have arrived first, waited all night, + dressed to 'Ball'... Every night Haus of Gaga will choose fans from The Monster Pit to come back stage + meet me! These tickets are NOT more expensive."

Well, if there's one thing we know for sure, it's that Gaga loves her fans. We bet they can't wait to get their claws on tour tickets!

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